A Day to Remember

It was a year ago today that building collapsed in Bangladesh killing over a 1000 garment workers.  The world was shocked.  Companies reacted and people questioned where their clothes were made.  As the story slowly slipped out of the news cycle so did it slip from many people’s minds and we continued to shop for the latest fashions and good deals.  I don’t think it was forgotten though.  People want to shop smarter and don’t want to buy clothing where people are working under harsh or unsafe conditions.  The answers are hard to find and sometimes the answers are deceptive.

Today one year later the story is bubbling up again.   I know I will be listening carefully and working to find answers to a few questions that I have.  I hope that we can start today moving in the right direction.

I found a few articles posted recently and I will post more here as they come up:

From the National Post:  A year after the Bangladesh garment factory collapse, there are no easy answers

From a Member of Parliament: Canada Should Be a Social Responsibility Leader

From the Perspective of the US: Where the U.S. Gets Its Clothing, One Year After the Bangladesh Factory Collapse

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