Beyond where it is made…

Now I know that asking the simple question of where it is made is merely the tip of the iceberg.  I can ask thousands of questions about anything and everything along the supply chain.  And I would argue that these questions should be asked everyday.  However – I will not be posing detailed supply chain related answers.  I want to keep this site simple and accessible to people who may not be interested in an essay on each and every store I contact.

For now my focus is going to stick with where the products are made and what protections for employees are in place.  For companies overseas I will ask how factories are chosen, how often executives visit, and what if any agreements are signed.  For companies who operate in Bangladesh I will ask why they signed the particular agreement they did (if any).


I may ask additional information from time to time to time but for now I wont be posting more detailed supply chain information.  I would love to take a look at the supply chain at some point – I will stick with scratching the surface for now.


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