So H&M is a great place to work?

It seems that H&M has been honoured by “Great Place to Work” and has won “Best Workplaces: Canada – 2017.

There is, in fact a whole list of fashion companies honoured.  You find out more here.

It really makes me wonder – the companies that treat their sales staff so well, yet, struggle to ensure that those that make the garments are treated fairly, paid a living wage and have safe working conditions.


Its as if those that make the clothes are not really seen as employees – but without them there would be no product.


And from H&M (emphasis mine):

“The success of H&M is due to our tremendously talented people that inspire each other to make our workplace. At H&M we love our employees, they are big fans of our brand but we are their biggest fans!” says Toni Galli, Country Manager H&M Canada. “We are honoured to once again be recognized as part of this prestigious list.”


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