Ethically Made Clothing in Canada (and the US)

Wondering where you can find some ethically made clothing?  I have found a few option you may want to look into:

#1: Either/Or is a Canadian online shop that promotes buying fewer, more quality items.  They sell Canadian designed and made clothing.


#2: A Globe and Mail article on the Made-in-Canada men’s fashion industry.  The industry is small but is there!


#3: Want ethically made jeans??  Check out Source Denim.  They are made in the USA and use  (according to them) “50% less chemical, water, and energy use in every pair of jeans.”


#4:  And there is Wildly Co, ethically made kids clothing. They are kids clothing company that promotes capsule wardrobe (fewer pieces that you can mix and match) that are ethically made.  (Note:  these clothes are not made in US or Canada but the company claims to have ethically sourced their suppliers)

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  1. deborah byrnes
    January 26, 2017 at 8:34 am

    Thanks tara

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