Ethical Supply Chain

It sounds like Target is making some moves to ensure that its supply chain is free from child labour.

They partnering with GoodWeave to develop a mapping tool to follow the supply chain and better track down if producers are breaking the rules regarding child labour.  You can read more about it in this article posted on


This is amazing and if it works it could revolutionize clothing industry and companies could no longer turn a blind eye and say “i had no idea that our subcontractor contracted out to that terrible company.”  I am impressed as well that it is Target doing this.  A major chain take real steps to look at their supply chain, that gives me hope.

BUT – you knew there was going to be a but –  a few things:

1) I cannot help but recall one of the first conversations I had with a company and they were quite frank with me.  Suppliers in some of these countries will tell you whatever you want to know.  How to ensure the information you are getting is accurate and the truth is critical.  I don’t have the answer but this no reason not to try.

2) The focus here is on child labour and yes we need to fix this.  But I am also very concerned about the labour conditions for adults as well.  We need to ensure that minimum labour standards are met (and that the minimums are not unethical in an of themselves).  They do mention labour standards in general, but I wanted to emphasis it.

3) This is one company.  This needs to become industry standard.  We are talking about people, children and adults working in deplorable conditions.


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