Stumbling along

I have been quite derelict in updating in recent months.  I must admit some of this has been due to a very busy schedule.  However, I have also been rethinking how this blog could work.  When I started this, my hope was to have a collection of stores that were open to sharing information about where their clothes were made.  I started out on a good note and had some very positive responses.


Then came the stumbling blocks:

  • companies who needed to be repeatedly badgered until they responded
  • companies who failed to respond to ANY sort of communication
  • companies who used jargon and danced around the issues without really taking responsibility
  • companies who only partially responded
  • and finally companies who seem to have a great policy but….


Honestly this last one is what has got me.  I have NO WAY to check, no way to verify.  How useful is this work if I cannot make sure, when I do get a response, that a company is telling the truth.  Over the week I will be posting some articles that highlight this.    I will also be looking at where to take this blog in the future.

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