Mexx publicly lists the countries where it products are produced.  They have a set of standards they call a “social compliance programme.”

From their website:

“Mexx applies rigorous standards in working with its sourcing partners. Through our social compliance programme, all companies producing for Mexx are obliged to accept a legally binding Code of Conduct. Mexx has zero tolerance policy for child labour, forced labour, falsified records, sexual harassment, physical harassment, and health and safety issues. Any discovery of misconduct is strictly followed with immediate sanctions.

Mexx works with sourcing agents as well as direct suppliers. About 80% of our goods are sourced through agents, less than 20% through direct suppliers.  Each sourcing partner of Mexx has to follow the established processes in order to qualify as such. The process includes:

  1. Accepting the legally binding agreement for Code of Conduct
  2. Pre-production audit in compliance with our Code of Conduct
  3. Report
  4. Evaluation
  5. Corrective measures (taken before and also during production)

Based on the result, Mexx will make a decision whether the supplier meets the requirements and if further business will take place. ”

You can find more information and the list of countries here:


In fact they address all the questions I usually ask right on their website.  My only complaint would be that they don’t provide an email address to contact the company, just a web form.


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