The past few weeks working on this blog have been frustrating.  Getting responses from some companies have been like pulling teeth.  I am not asking for any information that some companies post freely on their websites.  I start to wonder if you cannot/will not tell me WHERE your clothes are made then perhaps either

a) you don’t know or
b) you know and it is not good.

The other thing that is frustrating is the number of companies who use 1 email address for responses to inquiries.  Your reply goes back to “customer service”  so you never get the same person and your follow up questions that customer service agents cannot answer never get through to someone who can answer the questions.

Then there are the companies that have no email addresses (I am looking at you Steve Madden).  Their online customer service is for only online purchases and their headquarters have no email addresses.  I have limited time to work on this blog and chasing people on the phone is a challenge.

I am considering changing my tune and start rating companies on how open they are to answering questions about their products.  It would not be an eithical stamp of approval, but more of an open about business practices stamp of approval.

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