The Gap / Old Navy / Banana Republic

I started by contacting Old Navy because that was where our family shopped the most.  I had to tweet repeatedly to get a response as any emails were met with silence.  I was eventually forwarded on to the Gap and their social responsibility account.

The Gap’s website does provide a detialed account of their social responsibility here:

However, the site still does not answer most of the questions I had asked.  I am still waiting to hear back on answers to those questions, but it has been months of waiting.

The  Gap did answer the following question about why they signed on to the non-binding agreement is here:

“As you may already know, Gap Inc. is a founding member of the Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety, a comprehensive, five-year commitment to improve factory safety conditions for workers in Bangladesh. The Alliance is a significant step toward achieving safer factory conditions for garment workers in Bangladesh. It brings together retailers and industry associations from across North America to play a substantial role in improving working conditions for the people in Bangladesh’s garment industry. Members of the alliance announced on July 10th a total of $144M in straight funding and access to affordable capital toward making safety improvements for garment workers in Bangladesh.

The Alliance also calls for inspections of 100 percent of alliance member factories within the first year; common safety standards to be developed within the next three months; inspections results that are transparently shared; and that all alliance factories actively support the democratic election and successful operation of Worker Participation Committees (WPC) in each factory. As a founding member of the Alliance, Gap Inc. is committed to supporting comprehensive factory inspections, safety training and readiness, worker empowerment initiatives for Bangladesh garment workers.”

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