Victoire Boutique (Ottawa and Toronto)

The response from Victoire Boutique on where their products are made:

“The vast majority of the clothing we sell is made in Canada. Like 90%. We deal with two main companies that are not made in Canada: Covet and Darling. Covet is designed in Montreal but they have chosen to produce using eco fabrics and to off- set the higher cost they produce in China. Darling is a UK brand that is also made in China. Both of these companies represent a very small percentage of what we do. We bring them in only because some of our customers like having a lower price point.

We also work with two Canadian clothing designer who collaborate in the design and production with co-ops in Kenya and Ghana. Also a sunglass line designed here but manufactured in Ghana.
We also sell shoes, sunglasses, and usually another clothing line that is not made in Canada. Again. this is 100% due to our customers requesting options at an affordable price point. “



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