Government of Canada?

I came across an article in the Toronto Star last week that highlighted the fact the Government of Canada does not track where clothes are made when it orders items for staff or other uses.  I guess that it is not only companies that need to be reminded that it is important that clothes are made with ethical standards.

I wonder if the Prime Minsiter’s office will be faster with a response than some of the companies I have contacted!

Update:  Within a week I had an automated response from the PMO passing along my email to the the Honourable Tony Clement, President of the Treasury Board.  I await his response.


Update 2: I got a response from The President of the Treasury Board.  You can read a copy of his respond to my request here: Letter from Tony Clement.

Note worthy points:

1) as of April 1, 2014 all clothing contracts will now have to identify country of origin & it will be published.

2) 98% of clothing made for the RCMP and DND (Deparment of National Defence) is made in Canada.


Update 3:  Looks like the government of Canada has struck a task force to find ways to use ethical suppliers.  That task force is making recommendations to Public Works regarding sourcing.  You can read more here: 

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