I must admit I have not emailed H&M yet and they are next on my list.  But last week I was floored to see this tweet:

“H&M shares the aim for transparency & better lives for garment workers. See our supplier list   

The first link is their supplier list divided by country, ranked and address provided.  The second link outlines their fair living wage commitment.

It saddens me that this is somehow ground breaking or impressive.  They are being open about their policies and where their products are made.  Every company should do this.   I could really just write an entire post about the company without even contacting them.   However, I will contact them for additional details and post more soon.   I did send them an email and they were quick to respond.  I asked only one question – why they support the Fire and Building Safety agreement in Bangladesh:

H&M works very hard to ensure that the proper working conditions are met in the factories where we outsource our work. H&M does not own any factories, we work with independent suppliers all over the world. We have a strict code of conduct that every supplier must adhere to and conduct surprise and routine audits several times a year at each and every one of the suppliers we work with. H&M believes strongly in giving back to the environment and the communities where we work which is why we have often been instrumental in petitioning for higher wages and benefits for the factory workers in some of the regions where our clothes are manufactured, like Bangladesh. Moreover we have been working with UNICEF for a very long time on education projects for children in the countries where we produce and most recently started a long term project with UNICEF called All For Children, which is a partnership dedicated to building schools and funding education in the Tamil Nandu regions of India.

We commit to support the Fire and Building Safety agreement in Bangladesh, which is an addition to our continuous work for a sustainable textile industry. This agreement will help improve the safety of the workers in the garment industry, please read more at http://bit.ly/SPTaxO . H&M was the first fashion brand to commit to this agreement and we hope for a broad coalition of signatures for a greater impact.

For more information on H&M and our code of conduct, a list of our suppliers, or our sustainability report please visit www.hm.com/csr

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