Two Agreements – One Country

In the aftermath of the building collapse in Bangladesh that killed more than 1120 workers companies scrambled to save face and reassure their western shoppers that the people who made their clothing would be safe.  There were two agreements reached.  One was a binding agreement signed on by both companies and unions.  The other was voluntary and limited company liability.

Very briefly, the binding agreement is called The Bangladesh Accord.  It has over 70 signatories and mostly European companies.  Only one Canadian company signed on:  Loblaw – the makers of Joe Fresh.  You can read more about the accord here:

The non-binding agreement was signed on by 17 American companies including Walmart and The Gap/Old Navy.  More about the agreement here:

Others have done much better breakdowns of the two agreements and you can read more from Corp Watch  here and PhD in Parenting here.  The latter post has a very good visiual list of the company logos that signed on to the agreements.


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