Clean Clothes report Stitched Up released a report in 2014 entitled Stitched UP and it takes an in depth look at the poverty wages for garment workers in Eastern Europe and Turkey.


From their Executive Summary:

Traditionally, the exploitation of workers within the garment industry is seen as a problem felt most keenly in Asia where stories of poverty wages, dangerous working conditions, and forced overtime are well documented. However, as this report will demonstrate these problems are endemic throughout the garment industry and even in countries within the European Union we are seeing poverty wages and terrible living conditions for the men and women making the clothes we buy in the high street.



Clean Clothes Campaign alongside our partners in the region are calling on all brands and retailers that source from the region to make sure as a first immediate step that workers in the researched region receive a basic net wage (without overtime and bonuses) of at least 60% of the national average wage. As a further step, the basic net wages have to be increased towards the level of the estimated minimum living wage.


It was surprising to me that this was such an issue in EU countries as well.  You can read through the full report here: 


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