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I have emailed and tweeted at the Carters for several months to no avail.  They are the parent company so I assumed they would be the best source for listing their social responsibilty information and contacting for information.  As it turns out, much of the information I was looking for was posted on the OSH KOSH website.  So now I will try and email OSH KOSH directly and see if I can get more information.


What Osh Kosh posts on their website can be found here:

What i find interesting is this: “Factory audits are a central pillar of our monitoring program. Since we do not own any of the factories that produce merchandize for our stores, regular audits are conducted to verify that a Supplier is complying with our policy as well as to strengthen working conditions and labor practices in factories. We contract with an accredited and internationally recognized audit provider to execute these audits.

Once a factory is audited an assessment rating is assigned. The assessment rating is based on a number of factors including the frequency, severity and probability of the finding. We have a total of four types of ratings. The rating assigned determines the timeframe for remediation. In general, we prefer to work with Suppliers to address concerns rather than terminating the relationship as such action is unlikely to correct the underlying issue and may cause further hardship on those who depend upon the employment. However, if the Supplier fails to demonstrate improvement, we reserve the right to terminate the business relationship with that Supplier.”

I will keep trying to get more answers.


Edit:  A response was had and none of my questions answered:

“Thank you for your concern about Carter’s social responsibility efforts. Carter’s is committed to operating with the highest legal and ethical standards, including in the manufacturing of our products in foreign countries. To that end, Carter’s has established and implemented a social responsibility program that sets forth the standards, obligations, and requirements that foreign vendors must meet in order to do business with Carter’s. These standards are in line with, and in many cases exceed, all local country and international legal requirements and best practices, such as those set forth by the International Labour Organization, or ILO.

We review our social responsibility program on an ongoing basis, and to assist in implementing it, we partner with a leading third party social responsibility firm to evaluate our vendors and conduct audits, both announced and unannounced. In addition, Carter’s utilizes its own internal sourcing team and the social responsibility staff of our sourcing agents to help educate our vendors on, and ensure they are meeting, our social responsibility standards.

Carter’s is committed to operating under the highest legal and ethical standards of social responsibility- and we will only work with those vendors who are similarly committed.”

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