Columbia Sportswear

Columbia has been a difficult company to get answers from.  They do not respond very quickly to emails or to twitter.  After months of emails and tweets I finally received an aswer which directed me to thier US site and thier Corporate Responsibility page.  The page has none of the infomation I am looking for.  I have sent yet another email asking for answers.

Edit: We have answers!  Some of the information (including a list of the factories where products are made IS up on their website.  Here are the answer from Columbia:

Q: I am wondering if you can provide me with a list of countries that your clothes are made in?

A: To increase transparency and collaboration, we have disclosed our list of factories that are directly contracted by Columbia Sportswear and its subsidiaries on our website.

Q: How do you ensure that people working in the factories are treated fairly?

A: Columbia has demonstrated a long-standing commitment to sound, ethical manufacturing practices in all of the countries where we source our products. That commitment is put into action every day through consistent implementation, monitoring and enforcement of the company’s Standards of Manufacturing Practices (SMP). Our factory audits are unscheduled, which means our teams can arrive at a facility at any time, with the opportunity to see a factory the way it is actually operated.

Q: How often do executives from the company visit the factories that make your clothing?

A: Many of our executives will visit manufacturing facilities at least once per year, with several visiting more often depending upon their role and responsibilities.

Q: How do you choose the factories that your products are made in?

A: Our sourcing model is structured to mitigate the many inherent risks of outsourced manufacturing:

  • We primarily utilize a direct sourcing model, (i.e. do not rely on agents to place production), and strictly forbid unauthorized subcontracting to unknown and unaudited factories. Our strategy is to have Columbia staff feet on the ground as close to the suppliers as possible, to promote quality, timely delivery, our Standards of Manufacturing Practices, supplier relationship building, etc.
  • We use a disciplined, thorough selection process to identify factory partners.
  • We seek to build and maintain strong direct relationships with factory partners.

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