Monthly Archives: October 2016

Ethically Made Clothing in Canada (and the US)

Wondering where you can find some ethically made clothing?  I have found a few option you may want to look into: #1: Either/Or is a Canadian online shop that promotes buying fewer, more quality items.  They sell Canadian designed and made clothing.   #2: A Globe and Mail article on the Made-in-Canada men’s fashion industry.  The industry is small but is there!… Read more →

Ethical reading and viewing #2

Here are a few more articles and videos for those looking for more information on ethical clothing:   #1:  A video on why that good deal, has consequences.   #2: It is not just labour, there is the environmental impact of clothing companies’ actions all along the supply chain that need to change.   #3:  A different perspective on child labour – looking at why… Read more →