Monthly Archives: July 2014


The past few weeks working on this blog have been frustrating.  Getting responses from some companies have been like pulling teeth.  I am not asking for any information that some companies post freely on their websites.  I start to wonder if you cannot/will not tell me WHERE your clothes are made then perhaps either a) you don’t know or b)… Read more →

The Gap / Old Navy / Banana Republic

I started by contacting Old Navy because that was where our family shopped the most.  I had to tweet repeatedly to get a response as any emails were met with silence.  I was eventually forwarded on to the Gap and their social responsibility account. The Gap’s website does provide a detialed account of their social responsibility here: However, the… Read more →

Nine West

Nine West has nothing that I can find about how or where their products are made.  After sending them a list of questions I have only been able to find out that “our products are manufactured in China”  but that they were “unable to provide answers to your additional questions.”  I asked that my request be sent to someone who… Read more →

Carters / Osh Kosh

I have emailed and tweeted at the Carters for several months to no avail.  They are the parent company so I assumed they would be the best source for listing their social responsibilty information and contacting for information.  As it turns out, much of the information I was looking for was posted on the OSH KOSH website.  So now I… Read more →