Monthly Archives: May 2014

Government of Canada?

I came across an article in the Toronto Star last week that highlighted the fact the Government of Canada does not track where clothes are made when it orders items for staff or other uses.  I guess that it is not only companies that need to be reminded that it is important that clothes are made with ethical standards. I… Read more →

Behind Schedule

I had hoped that I would have regular updates every week with a few new posts on different companies or stores.  It has not worked out that way.  I have had trouble reaching some companies at all and others have been slow to respond.  That being said I do have some progress to report: I have heard back from all… Read more →

Irregular Choice Shoes

One of my most favourite pair of shoes is made by irregular choice.  On a whim I asked them on Twitter under what conditions their shoes were made.  They responded right away.  You can read what they have to say here. The short answer is that they use a few family run factories in China with a trusted inspector regularly visiting.… Read more →

Beyond where it is made…

Now I know that asking the simple question of where it is made is merely the tip of the iceberg.  I can ask thousands of questions about anything and everything along the supply chain.  And I would argue that these questions should be asked everyday.  However – I will not be posing detailed supply chain related answers.  I want to… Read more →


I must admit I have not emailed H&M yet and they are next on my list.  But last week I was floored to see this tweet: “H&M shares the aim for transparency & better lives for garment workers. See our supplier list ” The first link is their supplier list divided by country, ranked and address provided.  The second link… Read more →