Ethical Shopping this Christmas?

For folks living in Ottawa I am posting up the following list of Locally Made goods.  This will be a slight diversion from just clothing, but I thought it might be a good resource for people.  Please feel free to message me with any additions – I will keep updating this over the next month.   Women’s Fashion: Twiss and Weber: http://www.twissandweber.com/ Fluid… Read more →

Looking forward

I really wanted this blog to be somewhere people could go and see under what conditions their clothes were made and where they were made.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, I am finding the non-answers, half-truths and constant follow up  to be exhausting and I have been unable to really address the issue. Those working in sweatshops around the world are… Read more →

Stumbling along

I have been quite derelict in updating in recent months.  I must admit some of this has been due to a very busy schedule.  However, I have also been rethinking how this blog could work.  When I started this, my hope was to have a collection of stores that were open to sharing information about where their clothes were made.… Read more →


The past few weeks working on this blog have been frustrating.  Getting responses from some companies have been like pulling teeth.  I am not asking for any information that some companies post freely on their websites.  I start to wonder if you cannot/will not tell me WHERE your clothes are made then perhaps either a) you don’t know or b)… Read more →

Behind Schedule

I had hoped that I would have regular updates every week with a few new posts on different companies or stores.  It has not worked out that way.  I have had trouble reaching some companies at all and others have been slow to respond.  That being said I do have some progress to report: I have heard back from all… Read more →

Beyond where it is made…

Now I know that asking the simple question of where it is made is merely the tip of the iceberg.  I can ask thousands of questions about anything and everything along the supply chain.  And I would argue that these questions should be asked everyday.  However – I will not be posing detailed supply chain related answers.  I want to… Read more →


I must admit I have not emailed H&M yet and they are next on my list.  But last week I was floored to see this tweet: “H&M shares the aim for transparency & better lives for garment workers. See our supplier list http://bit.ly/1fsGQbc   http://bit.ly/1iHR9vY ” The first link is their supplier list divided by country, ranked and address provided.  The second link… Read more →

Silence Speaks Volumes

I started this project thinking I would likely get a mix of honest answers and spin back from companies whom I asked specific questions about where their products are made.  So far I have had some great answers and feed back from two companies and one telling me they are looking into the answers. What I did not expect was… Read more →