Ethical Shopping this Christmas?

For folks living in Ottawa I am posting up the following list of Locally Made goods.  This will be a slight diversion from just clothing, but I thought it might be a good resource for people.  Please feel free to message me with any additions – I will keep updating this over the next month.   Women’s Fashion: Twiss and Weber: Fluid… Read more →

The Woes of Joe Fresh

Back in April the Financial Post published an article on a recent Joe Fresh Lawsuit. The claim suggests  “that given the record of previous Bangladeshi workplace tragedies, Joe Fresh should have known that those sewing clothes for it at the Rana Plaza were in moral danger, and that subcontractors were paying “extremely low wages.” ” The lawsuit does indeed make a… Read more →

Fast Fashion and the Myth of Ethical Clothes

Here is yet another article on the near impossibility of purchasing “ethical clothes.”   An excerpt from the article: We buy more clothes now, move through trends faster. In the olden days—the early ‘90s—brands produced two to four fashion cycles per year, big orders coordinated by season, planned months in advance. These days, there’s no such thing as cycles, only… Read more →

Problems Down the Supply Chain

I have focused much of this blog on the conditions under which clothes are made, and have avoided looking deeper into the tangled mess of the supply chain. This article from the Atlantic does a very good job of explaining the difficulty in changing labour practices all the way down the supply chain.  They take a look the company Patagonia who… Read more →

Does water cost as much as our clothing?

Ever wonder what happens to the clothing we discard?   Some of our “donations” get shipped overseas to India where the clothing is unraveled and made into new things.  The women who sort and process the clothing have some interesting questions for us. Interesting questions such as – Is our water too expensive to wash our clothes? Their absolute bafflement… Read more →

Clean Clothes report Stitched Up released a report in 2014 entitled Stitched UP and it takes an in depth look at the poverty wages for garment workers in Eastern Europe and Turkey.   From their Executive Summary: Traditionally, the exploitation of workers within the garment industry is seen as a problem felt most keenly in Asia where stories of poverty wages, dangerous working conditions, and forced… Read more →