Transparent Fashion?

It looks like someone – Fashion Revolution –  has done some homework and released a study of the most transparent fashion companies. The index includes only big brands and those that volunteered to be included.  They sent questionnaires to the brands and received only 47% response rate (this is not surprising).  No brands scored above 50% on their rating scale –… Read more →


Nordstrom has both their own brand and also carries clothing from “branded vendors.” They have an abundance of information on their website about their corporate responsibility.  They do not list where their products are made or what exactly their standards are for their “branded vendors.” They do seem to have strict auditing and standards.  However, there is something the way… Read more →

Nine West

Nine West has nothing that I can find about how or where their products are made.  After sending them a list of questions I have only been able to find out that “our products are manufactured in China”  but that they were “unable to provide answers to your additional questions.”  I asked that my request be sent to someone who… Read more →

Mountain Equipment Coop (MEC)

Get Ready for a detailed response: 1.Can you provide me with a list of countries that your clothes are made in? Our Factory List is updated annually and postedhere on We also provide our factory list to the Fair Labor Association (FLA) in order for them to conduct annual assessments of the facilities producing our product. The FLA posts… Read more →

Irregular Choice Shoes

One of my most favourite pair of shoes is made by irregular choice.  On a whim I asked them on Twitter under what conditions their shoes were made.  They responded right away.  You can read what they have to say here. The short answer is that they use a few family run factories in China with a trusted inspector regularly visiting.… Read more →

Miz Moos and Global Shoe

When emailing to ask where Miz Moos were made I received a response from a company called Global Shoe.  They were very quick to respond by both email and twitter and told me that their shoes were made in:  China, Italy, Turkey and Portugal.  They also told me that “The owners at Global Shoe Connection have visited all the factories… Read more →