Kids’ Clothes

Carters / Osh Kosh

I have emailed and tweeted at the Carters for several months to no avail.  They are the parent company so I assumed they would be the best source for listing their social responsibilty information and contacting for information.  As it turns out, much of the information I was looking for was posted on the OSH KOSH website.  So now I… Read more →

Mountain Equipment Coop (MEC)

Get Ready for a detailed response: 1.Can you provide me with a list of countries that your clothes are made in? Our Factory List is updated annually and postedhere on We also provide our factory list to the Fair Labor Association (FLA) in order for them to conduct annual assessments of the facilities producing our product. The FLA posts… Read more →


I must admit I have not emailed H&M yet and they are next on my list.  But last week I was floored to see this tweet: “H&M shares the aim for transparency & better lives for garment workers. See our supplier list ” The first link is their supplier list divided by country, ranked and address provided.  The second link… Read more →

Joe Fresh – Loblaws

The only Canadian company to sign on to a binding agreement to improve labour conditions for garment workers in Bangladesh was Loblaw – who make the clothing label Joe Fresh Information on The accord can be found here: Update: Loblaws does not have a lot posted on their website.  Getting answers from them has proven tricky.  Given they… Read more →