Women’s Clothes

So H&M is a great place to work?

It seems that H&M has been honoured by “Great Place to Work” and has won “Best Workplaces: Canada – 2017. There is, in fact a whole list of fashion companies honoured.  You find out more here. It really makes me wonder – the companies that treat their sales staff so well, yet, struggle to ensure that those that make the garments… Read more →

Transparent Fashion?

It looks like someone – Fashion Revolution –  has done some homework and released a study of the most transparent fashion companies. The index includes only big brands and those that volunteered to be included.  They sent questionnaires to the brands and received only 47% response rate (this is not surprising).  No brands scored above 50% on their rating scale –… Read more →

Ethically Made Clothing in Canada (and the US)

Wondering where you can find some ethically made clothing?  I have found a few option you may want to look into: #1: Either/Or is a Canadian online shop that promotes buying fewer, more quality items.  They sell Canadian designed and made clothing.   #2: A Globe and Mail article on the Made-in-Canada men’s fashion industry.  The industry is small but is there!… Read more →


Nordstrom has both their own brand and also carries clothing from “branded vendors.” They have an abundance of information on their website about their corporate responsibility.  They do not list where their products are made or what exactly their standards are for their “branded vendors.” They do seem to have strict auditing and standards.  However, there is something the way… Read more →


Mexx publicly lists the countries where it products are produced.  They have a set of standards they call a “social compliance programme.” From their website: “Mexx applies rigorous standards in working with its sourcing partners. Through our social compliance programme, all companies producing for Mexx are obliged to accept a legally binding Code of Conduct. Mexx has zero tolerance policy… Read more →